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Made with ♥ in Germany!

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About us & who we are

For the love of music:

We share a long-standing love of music and concerts!



Product development, customer advice and support.

My philosophy is: instead of problems, I see ideas and solutions – “can’t” doesn’t really exist for me.

Musically, I’ve been rooted in punk rock and metal since the beginning, but my portfolio has expanded enormously over time. You can now also find well-made rock and occasionally some pop in my playlists.

After years in the label and publishing sector, I have continuously expanded my knowledge of the music business. In addition to management, merchandise and touring, I have also looked after bands, musicians and managements in the production of stage sets – nowadays at Roof Music, previously at Century Media, Nuclear Blast and Direct Management and later for Allyourbandneeds / AYBN.

The legendary original Stageframes Lite, which were sold exclusively by Allyourbandneeds / AYBN for a while, were developed by me and originated from my small workshop.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family (including my dog), meeting friends, going to live shows, going to the movies and playing card and board games. I am also involved in animal welfare, e.g. Vier Pfoten (Four Paws), B.O.S. and Galgos de Sol.

Some of you may have already bought T-shirts from me at merch stands in Cologne or other cities in NRW.

Merchandiser – that’s my hobby too 😉



As there is virtually no work in complaints management, the feel-good management was briefly handed over to Diva.

In her spare time she likes to play and run, she likes other people, children and dogs very much and although she is a real lady, she has a little voice like she is roaring at Cannibal Corpse.